Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bright and Powerful Emergency Light For Special Purposes

There are certain aspects of an emergency light that make it useful as well as reliable. The light needs to be intense and at the same time it needs to conserve energy. Similarly, the light should be capable of producing a high intense beam without the need for a heavy voltage source or a complicated circuit. This is because it would affect the portability of the light in such scenarios, which will affect its utility too in emergency situations. Lastly, the light should be long-lasting to make it cost-effective and should offer assistance in all kinds of conditions, outdoors and indoors.

When it is time to budget for emergency light, whether it is for the patrol cars, hospital ambulances or fire department vehicles, you can take a look at the LED strobe kits, which offer most of the features expected out of emergency vehicle lighting and much more. The strobe kits are usually made up of super bright LEDs and can be used for rescue operations as well as for construction vehicles. They can easily be used in side markers, tail lights and headlights making them versatile. In fact, their brightness and low-cost has made them popular as decorative lighting for houses organizing parties, discotheques and even exhibition halls.

You can have powerful strobes with 120W power supply or even less. In fact you can have assemblies of 1W LEDs to make up your LED modules that can be conjoined to create your emergency light. You can opt for linear and long strobes as well as U-shaped strobes. These lights also come with an amplifier and a control box. The pattern selector is another important part of the circuit designed for an emergency light. There are several in-built flashing patterns to create special effects. This will help in greater visibility. The best example is offered by flashing LED light bars on top of patrol cars plying on highways. The pattern selector allows you to choose any pattern of your choice with the rate of flashing varying between 10 flashes per minute to as many as 120 flashes per minute.

What makes the emergency light kit so useful is the modification that you can do to enhance its features. Firstly, modern strobes can be adjusted for the beam angle so that you can maximize long distance visibility. Apart from off angle visibility, you can also magnify the beams through chrome deflectors or clear lenses, which are absolutely undetectable when the lights are switched off. Moreover, you can also use these strobe lights or LED lights with colored filters to give you beams of all colors including red, blue, amber and green.

When you have an emergency light which operates on a simple 12 V DC source you can be assured of its easy installation and safety too. Mounting brackets allow you to install them on vehicles, both in the front and the rear. The flashing patterns and colored beams can be used and manipulated by the controller box to create a blinding effect that suits the uses for emergency lighting.

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